Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Testing, Testing, Testing.

After a test beach run, getting wet.

Over the past week I've been testing out a new sandal that I fashioned. On a hot lead from Nick, I bought 10 feet of really minimalist "chaco" style climbing webbing from a local shop. I used this in replace of the more heavy duty blue tubular webbing on our last pair. Also instead of using red ripcord for the ankle straps I used the black climbing webbing. In order to build these new ankle straps I needed to learn how to sew! Of course I headed straight to youtube to edumacate myself. Several needle pricks and botched knots later I haggardly assembled the first pair. I created two loops with the webbing and sewed them into place on the sides. Ultimately we want to use a sewing machine to sew these ankle side loops together but for now we're stuck with my clumsiness.

View of ankle webbing loop from above.


I've been wearing these sandals around non stop for the last week during runs, walks, and hikes. In short I'm giddy about how they feel during runs. Our buckle system makes it super easy to adjust thong and ankle tightness. Once adjusted I lock the tightness in place by looping our strap back through the buckle, syncing it shut. The sandals have stayed on my feet well during sprints in the redwoods and long runs through oncoming beach waves. Even when tight on the foot the plastic buckle doesn't chafe the foot because of the webbing layer separating the two. Look for a video soon of me buckling up the sandals before a run.

View from above.

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