Friday, April 29, 2011

Sole and Strap Updates

Sandal with "nubby" vibram sole and blue tubular webbing.

Nick and I constantly experiment with different types of webbing strap and Vibram soles. The 6mm Vibram "nubby" gumlite sole, featured above, weighs much less than rubber and has an absorbing bounce that treats the foot nicely. The "nubby" begins to shape to the foot after a couple runs/walks and feels like a second skin. Vibram designed the sole material to shed oily liquids and we've found this really increases grip on wet trail runs. The "nubby" is a definite winner and we'll continue to make sandals with this sole. Next week we'll be testing a thicker sole pattern (8mm and 11mm) for sandals with a hiking/walking focus.

Now onto the webbing strap front. We are continuously searching for a strap that is thin enough to work well through our buckle while being soft enough to keep our feet blister free. We got the soft part down with the thicker tubular webbing we got in this week from REI. As soon as the webbing arrived, Nick and I feverishly built ourselves new sandals and took to the streets. Damn it felt good. The soft webbing felt supple on the foot and after a couple hours of running - nothing even close to a blister warning sign. After the run, Nick kept his sandals on for a couple hours in our house because they're that comfy.

Nick burning webbing to create a long lasting thong strap hold underneath the sole.


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Andrew Ciresi said...

are there instructions anywhere to follow for how you do your lacing?

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