Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Buckle Design

Nick and I had an "ahah" moment last night when we realized our buckle was in the wrong place on our sandal. Originally we placed our strap buckle at the ankle and looped the webbing back across itself. It looked good but didn't fix the ankle strap properly or allow for easy on-the-go adjustments. It became difficult to fix the position of the ankle loop on the top of the foot. As we ran the front of our ankle loop slowly drooped down towards the toes.

Sandals with OLD buckle placement

After some tinkering we realized that moving the position of the buckle on the webbing itself could fix our problem and make the sandal even easier to adjust. We shifted the buckle down below the ankle strap and onto the thong. This allows us to weave our single piece of webbing through the buckle twice and create two distinctly separate adjustments zones.

Sandals with NEW buckle placement

We can now separately adjust ankle and thong tightness. Nick is taking these sandals along on a bike trip through Colorado and Utah. I'm excited to hear about his test runs with these. We're also waiting on some thinner, less heavy duty webbing which we think will be softer on the foot. Next week we'll replace the red loop strap with webbing too. Look for a video soon showing how the sandal works.

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